Aids animals who are intolerant by restoring tolerance and flexibility. Beech will help pets who do not respond well to change in routine or for those who become ‘touchy’ and do not tolerate other animals near them or in the home. Birds who show a need for Bach Flower Remedy Beech will peck intruders or strangers. Cats (especially Siamese) that swipe, bite, scratch, hiss, or turn their back to people; adhere to a rigid routine and show annoyance towards their owners. Dogs in need of Beech are easily annoyed and show this by growling, raising their hackles, barking, biting, or attacking. Horses that bite, kick, rear up, back up into people; Beech has proved effective in eradicating long-established stubborn behavior and also in promoting flexibility in tense horses.

Human Indication: for people who are constantly making criticisms, intolerant of other people’s shortcomings and unable to make allowances. They find it hard to see the good in others. They have a strong sense of their own superiority, can be judgmental and arrogant and are easily irritated by other people’s mannerisms or habits. They are convinced that they are always in the right and everyone else in the wrong. The positive potential of Beech is tolerance and a sense of compassion for and unity with others. The positive Beech person can see the good in others despite their imperfections.

“…I get annoyed by the habits of others”

“…I focus on others’ mistakes”

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