This remedy helps those animals who lack assertiveness, servility, and weak will by restoring individuality and resistance.

Animals who are insecure and overanxious to please that they become obnoxious; they will follow their owners around all the time, licking them and refusing to leave them alone. For animals who become overtired from being overworked or overtaxed. Centuary will also help animals who are very weak after illness and for those with no resistance to the environment (such as catching illnesses and parasites easily). Give this remedy to animals who are subject to bullying.

Finally, animals needing Centaury sometimes have strong-willed or abusive owners, who may view the Centaury type as the ideal kind of dog. Vine may help remedy the owner’s behavior, but if it does not, the animal will derive limited benefit from Centaury.

Human Indication: for people who find it hard to say no. They let themselves be imposed on and even bullied by others. They are usually timid, quiet, and rather passive. Drained by others and out of touch with their own assertiveness, they tend to lack energy and tire easily. The positive potential of Centaury is shown in people who serve willingly and unobtrusively but without denying their own needs. They can express and defend their own opinions and mix well in the company. Above all, they are in touch with what they want and can now follow their own path with determination and energy, unhampered by the opinions of others.

“…I often neglect my own needs to please”

“…I find it difficult to say “no”

“…I tend to be easily influenced”

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