Cerato is for an animal who suffers from a lack of self-assurance and confidence, lack of initiative, approval-seeking from others, imitative behavior. This is for animals who are dependent on their human caretakers, cannot relate with members of their own species, remain juvenile in behavior and lack confidence as a general characteristic.

Birds in need of Cerato, especially parrots, develop severe behavioral problems and reproductive difficulties in the absence of other members of their own species.

Dogs who are always seeing approval from their owners; they will not go through with anything without the owners O.K.

Human Indication: For those who have not sufficient confidence in themselves to make their own decisions. They constantly seek advice from others and are often misguided, they do not trust their own judgment in decision-making. They actually know what they want and need but although they have plenty of inner wisdom and maybe highly intuitive. The positive potential of Cerato is shown in those who trust their own inner wisdom and follow it. Quietly self-assured and decisive, they are able to find and follow their true vocation.

“…I constantly second-guess myself”

“…I seek advice, mistrusting my own intuition”

“…I often change my mind out of confusion”

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