Cherry Plum


Cherry Plum

It helps with crazy, out of control behavior and compulsiveness, as well as nervous animals that become hysterical or into total panic through fear which endangers themselves and others. Any animal who is unpredictable and responds with an extreme flight/fight reaction will benefit from taking Cherry Plum. Other signs for animals in need of this remedy are shown through destructive behaviors, uncontrollable urination, recurrent phobias and animals who suffer psycho-motor seizures.

Birds who go into a frenzy can be helped by spraying Cherry Plum on their feathers.

Dogs who are destructive by tearing apart furniture, chewing on clothing/shoes/toys/carpet, etc…

Horses that often buck, kick, bite, read, bolt or try to kick out of their stables and trailers.

It is helpful for an animal that is scratching or licking uncontrollable.

The positive potential of Cherry Plum is the animal who has a calm mind and is able to think and act rationally.

Human Indication: For people who fear losing control of their behavior. They may be on the verge of breakdown. They may be in deep despair, and afraid of losing their sanity. At times when Cherry Plum is needed they may feel about to explode and are afraid of giving way to violent impulses. Fear of mind being over-strained, of reason giving away, of doing fearful and dreaded things, not wished and known wrong, yet there comes the thought and impulse to do them.

“…I’m afraid I might lose control of myself”

“…I have sudden fits of rage”

“…I feel like I’m going crazy”

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