Chestnut Bud


Chestnut Bud

For animals who do not seem to learn from experience and repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Chestnut Bud helps break the pattern of bad habits and allows pets to learn from their mistakes so they do not repeat the same things over and over again,  it will also aid animals who are accident-prone.

Cats who are in need of Chestnut Bud show behaviors such as repeatedly urinating in the house or outside the litter box and scratch furniture.

Dogs difficult to house or lead train and they continuously repeat mistakes. Horses who don’t listen or respond to commands, they might make the same mistakes in events and competitions such as dressage.

**Use in combination with Rock Water to aid learning and limit repetitive behavior.


Human Indications: For failure to learn by experience, leading to an inability to make progress in life. The person keeps repeating the same mistakes, such as falling over again and again for the wrong pattern, or continuing to work in an unsuitable job. Instead of learning from past mistakes, Chestnut Bud people try to forget them and therefore have no basis on which to make future decisions. They may suffer recurrent ailments but never question why they keep returning and thus fail to deal with the root cause. The positive potential of Chestnut Bud personality observes his her own mistakes with objectivity, and leans from every experience, gaining knowledge and wisdom so as to move forward in life. “This remedy is to help us to take full advantage of daily experiences and to see ourselves and our mistakes as others do” – Dr. Edward Bach.

“…I make the same mistakes over and over”

“…I don’t learn from my experience”

“…I keep repeating the same patterns”

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