Aids possessiveness behaviors, such as clinging  and attention seeking. Chicory helps restore normal protectiveness and caring. Chicory will help animals that won’t let their owner out of sight; constant following, sulk when they can’t their own way. Animals who are destructive, dirty, noisy when left alone. Helps with pets who are over protective and will perform acts of nuisance such as barking, limping, biting or vomiting whenever the owner tries to leave.

Birds that need Chicory sulk when they don’t get their own way.

Cats that follow their owners everywhere, want to sit on them all the time or literally cling to their owners.

Dogs that follow owners everywhere, even to the bathroom; guard dogs whose natural protectiveness is exaggerated; dogs that nip or bark, grab curtains or pull sheets off the bed for attention.

Horses that have grown too attached to stable mates and call to them when separated.


Human indication: For people who are overly possessive and whose care for others is self-centered and manipulative. These strong-willed people expect other people to conform to their values; they may be critical, interfering and nagging. They find it hard to give without expecting anything in return. They dislike being alone and demand constant attention and service as a duty, like parents who keep adult children under their thumb. Chicory will also help children who make constant and unreasonable demands for attention.

“…I need to be needed and want my loved ones close”

“…I feel unloved and unappreciated by my family”

“…I easily feel slighted and hurt”

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