Remedies absentmindedness, lack of interest in present circumstances by restoring alertness and focus. Clematis will help animals who are inattentive and lack concentration. Animals that look dazed or have vacant expression as if not there at all, and at times seem bored, disinterested, unresponsive, dull, lazy animals that sleep a good deal.

Clematis will help animals that show no apparent interest in the world around them: Animals who seem to live more in a dream than in the real world.

Birds stunned by flying into windows (give every 5 minutes)

Cats with a vacant expression may be regarded as abnormal when in fact “day-dreaming” is quite normal behavior.

Dogs who are difficult to train.

Horses unable to focus attention on their handlers; attention is difficult to gain.

Human indication: for people who live in a world of their own with no interest in the real world. They find it hard to live in the present. They are not really happy and yearn for better times. Poor memory with little head for detail. They tend to lack energy and appear absent-minded. They like to be alone and will avoid confrontations by withdrawing. Clematis children have difficulty concentrating due to a tendency to daydream rather than lack of innate ability.

“…I often feel spacey and absent-minded”

“…I find myself unable to concentrate for long”

“…I get drowsy and sleep more than necessary”

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