Crab Apple


Crab Apple

Crab Apple remedies animals who feel unclean, and will also help with infection and toxicity by restoring cleanliness and dignity. Use Crab Apple on animals with an obsession for being clean and groomed. All animals that are incontinent and/or badly matted and show distress at their condition.

Scenarios of animals needing Crab Apple: for constipation, for obsessive grooming, all skin conditions where animals are always cleaning themselves, licking, scratching, or pulling hair out. For acute and chronic skin problems, animals with fleas, parasites, ticks, insect bites, or that tend to attract fleas and parasites.

Animals that express the need for inner cleansing by going off their food and seeking out grass and herbs to eat. Use for all sick animals as a detoxifier and cleanser.

The positive potential of Crab Apple is acceptance to oneself and one’s imperfections.

Human indication: Recommended for those who feel unclean and suffer from poor self-image. Crab Apple people may be obsessively house-proud, or have a mental obsession with cleanliness and trivialities.  For people who are ashamed of and embarrassed by unpleasant physical symptoms such as skin problems or discharges. People with skin problems can use it externally, as a lotion (few drops in water), a compress, or added to the bath.

“…I am overly concerned with cleanliness”

“…I feel unclean or physically unattractive”

“…I tend to obsess over little things”

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