Remedies inadequacy by restoring competence, efficiency and resistance. Elm is for animals who become overwhelmed by a situation, work, or training when too much is asked of them resulting in temporary exhaustion. Where an animals has difficulty adjusting to the demands of a more active life or a more demanding owner. Elm will also help animals who are overwhelmed by illness, develop stress allergies or that develop the same disorder as their owners.

Cats who have to share a litter tray with several others.

Dogs whose owners train them too much or too hard, every day, and follow a rigid routine.

Hamsters who are overactive at night on tread wheels.

Horses used by mentally handicapped and disabled riders. Race horses, police horses used for crowd control.

**Elm can be used with Oak, the remedy for endurance, and Larch, the remedy for loss of confidence.


Human indication: For those who feel overwhelmed by their workload. Usually competent and capable, they momentarily lose confidence and become despondent. Elm types make good managers and are often in positions of responsibility, concerned with the welfare of others. Elm is indicated when these capable people suddenly feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities and feel unable to deal with them or keep up with events. The positive outcomes is restoration of one’s normal capable personality and a return to efficiency and self-assurance.

“…I feel overwhelmed by my responsibilities”

“…I don’t cope well under pressure”

“…I have temporarily lost my self-confidence”

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