Remedies utter despondency and hopelessness by restoring perseverance, endurance and vitality. 

Gorse will help those animals that appear to have lost heart and given up; that show great lethargy, apathy, low energy when ill or in confinement. For animal mothers that lose their offspring. For animals that don’t respond to encouragement.

Some examples: Gorse will help birds shot through the wing, cats that give up when ill, dogs that remain for long periods in rescue kennels and pounds, and horses suffering from laminitis which is a painful condition of the feet that may prevent the from sleeping.


Human Indication: Great hopelessness, they have given up belief that more can be done. Under persuasion or to please others they may try different treatments, at the same time assuring those around that there is so little hop of relief. The positive potential of Gorse is a sense of faith and hope, despite current physical or mental problems. The patient feels brighter and happier and able to use illness as a positive experience. In milder cases, he or she feels on the road to recovery.

“…I feel hopeless, and cant see a way out”

“…I lack faith that things could get better in my life”

“…I feel sullen and depressed”

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