This Bach Flower Remedy will help animals who tend to act depressed for no apparent reasoning. Signs include an animals who seems to have no motivation to do anything; downcast eyes and ears, or gloomy behavior. Mustard will help restore serenity.

Human indication:  When you feel depressed for no reason.  Like a dark cloud that destroys normal cheerfulness.

Mustard will aid in the restoration of serenity and dispels gloom.

“Those who are liable to times of gloom or even despair, as though a cold dark cloud overshadowed them and hid the light and the joy of life.  It may not be possible to give any reason or explanation for such attacks.  Under these conditions it is almost impossible to appear happy or cheerful.”  – Dr. Edward Bach

“…I get depressed without any reason”

“…I feel my moods swinging back and forth”

“…I get gloomy feelings that come and go”

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