If your pet keeps struggling although it is exhausted, never seem to quit. For over-worked, exhausted, worn-out animals that conceal their true feelings. This remedy will help animals who are normally strong and courageous but who are no longer able to struggle against illness or adversity.

Oak remedies stoicism and lack of resilience and endurance in normally strong, courageous animals.

“Oak combines well with Olive in cases of illness and exhaustion. It may be helpful to both animals and owners where owners refuse to give up seeking effective treatment for the debilitating or terminal illness their animals suffer, exhausting many alternative treatment options.” BFR for Animals. 

Human Indication:  When you are exhausted, but keep struggling on. “For those who are struggling and fighting strongly to get well, or in connection with the affairs of their daily life.  They will go on trying one thing after another, though their case may seem hopeless.  They will fight on.  They are discontented with themselves if illness interferes with their duties or helping others.  They are brave people, fighting against great difficulties, without loss of hope of effort.”  – Dr. Edward Bach

“…I tend to overwork and keep on in spite of exhaustion”

“…I have a strong sense of duty and never give up”

“…I neglect my own needs in order to complete a task”

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