Who was Dr. Edward Bach?

Dr. Edward Bach was a British Physician, who began to see disease as an end product, a final stage, a physical manifestation of unhappiness, fear, and worry. He, therefore, began to look to nature to find healing flowers. Over a period of years, Dr. Bach found 38 healing flowers and plants that with the right preparation became the 38 Bach Flower Remedies. These remedies are enough to remove all negative emotional problems.

How do the Remedies work?

The Bach Flower Remedies is a safe and natural method of healing. They gently restore the balance between mind and body by casting out negative emotions such as fear, worry, hatred, and indecision which interfere with the equilibrium of the being as a whole. The Bach Flower Remedies allow peace and happiness to return to the sufferer so that the body is free to heal itself.

How are the Bach Flower Remedies made?

The Bach Flower Remedies are made 100% naturally from spring water infused with wildflowers, either by the sun-steeped method or by boiling. The Remedies are hand produced exclusively in England. The Remedies contain 27% grape-based brandy as a preservative. Or the alcohol-free versions are preserved in glycerin made from sunflowers.

How do I prepare a treatment bottle?

Prepare a Bach treatment bottle by adding 2 drops of each Remedy (up to 7 Remedies) to a 30ml/1 oz mixing bottle and fill with spring water. As preservative (optional) you can add 1-2 teaspoons of brandy, apple cider vinegar or vegetable glycerin in the treatment bottle. From this mixture,  take 4 drops (or 2 sprays) 4 times a day until you feel better.

What is Rescue Remedy & Rescue Remedy Cream?

Dr. Bach created an emergency combination of Remedies which he called Rescue Remedy. It contains five different Remedies: Star of Bethlehem, Clematis, Impatiens, Cherry Plum and Rock Rose. Rescue Remedy is worth carrying with you in case of emergencies or everyday stress. Rescue Remedy helps you get through difficult situations or stressful events such as an exam or job interview in a calm and relaxed matter.

Rescue Remedy Cream contains the same five Remedies as Rescue® Remedy with added Crab Apple. The cream is for external applications such as bruises, diaper rash, sprains, burns, stings, scratches, and other skin conditions.

On occasions when you are stressed and your mind is over-active, take a dose or two of Rescue Remedy in the evening before going to sleep. (see also White Chestnut)

Bach Flower Remedies and Pregnancy.

Bach Flower Remedies are extremely helpful during pregnancy when the expecting mother goes through a wide range of emotions. The Bach Flower Remedies restore peace of mind when the mother feels fearful, tired, overwhelmed and impatient and other emotions related to pregnancy. Rescue Remedy and Walnut are very useful during labor.”All medication taken during pregnancy should be at a doctor’s direction”

Bach Flower Remedies and Children.

Children respond very well to the Bach Flower Remedies. The Bach Flower Remedies are extremely helpful for all childhood emotions such as shyness, tantrums, fear, nightmares and low self-esteem. The Bach Flower Remedies help children reach a balance within themself so that they can learn from life’s ups and downs.

Bach Flower Remedies for pets.

Our pets also have emotions and the Bach Flower Remedies are very helpful to aid pets to overcome difficult times. The Bach Flower Remedies have been very successful in calming hyperactive dogs, fearful cats, trips to the vet, moving, fear of thunder, newly arrived puppies or kittens and many other pet emotions.

What happens if I take too much of the Remedies?

It is impossible to overdose with the Bach Flower Remedies, they are 100% natural and safe. You can drink a whole bottle of Remedies and not “overdose.”. However, if you think that “more is better” you are wrong. The Bach Flower Remedies work best over a period of time, taken from the treatment or stock bottle at least 4 times a day.

What happens if I take the wrong Remedy?

Nothing is going to happen if you take the wrong Remedies, the Remedy will only work on the energy level that we are having problems with. For example, if you have a “known fear” (MIMULUS should be used) and take ASPEN for “unknown fear”, nothing is going to happen. Your “known fear” will stay and ASPEN will not do anything for you. When you take the wrong Remedy, nothing happens.

Why are the Essences sometimes called Remedies?

In the US they are called Essences, and in England, they are called Remedies. Books written in England refer to them as Remedies.

What is the difference between Essential Oil and the Bach Flower Remedies?

Essential Oil: As the name says it is oils from different plants and flowers. The smell very strongly, some of them should be avoided for people with different illnesses, pregnancy, in the sun, etc. The Essential Oils comes from the whole world, however, the quality can easily be very different because some farmers cheat and mix in cheap oils.

The original Bach Flower Remedies: They do not smell and they can never do any harm to anyone at any time. They are made by infusion of wild plants and flowers from a certain area in England.

The Bach Flower Remedies are considered homeopathic. The Bach Flower Remedies are produced at one location after old directions from Dr. Edward Bach who died in 1936. Dr. Bach was VERY specific with the directions on how and when to make the Essences.  Just before he died, he said, “Many people will try to imitate and copy the Remedies.” His assistants had to promise NEVER to alter the 38 Remedies because he knew that there would be no more need for more than the 38 Remedies and the directions that he had given were the best possible.

Are the Bach Flower Remedies Gluten-Free?

Yes, the original Bach Flower Remedies preserved in Brandy or Glycerin are gluten-free. Brandy is made from grapes and glycerin is made from Palm Oil.

Sometimes I see Bach Flower Remedies but the bottles are different, why?

The images you see on our website are of the original Bach Flower Remedies made in England at the Bach Centre. The name “Bach Flower Remedies” is not trademarked and anyone can make their own Bach Flower Remedies, we can not say if they work or not. But we are only selling and promoting the original Bach Flower Remedies with Dr. Bach’s signature on each bottle that people all over the world have come to trust and rely on to ease their emotional imbalances.

“We are always careful not to put remedy bottles near computers or mobile telephones, etc. But what happens when we keep bottles of different remedies close to each other in a box? Does the vibrational energy mix?”

The Bach Centre’s answer:

“We have never found storing remedies close to each other a problem. But then, we’ve never found a problem with keeping remedies near computers, telephones, TVs, fridges, etc. Remedies have been x-rayed at airports and scanned with barcode scanners for decades, without any harm. “We know a lot of people are careful to keep their remedies away from sources of radiation but in our experience, it isn’t necessary. The only time Bach Remedies have to be treated as carefully as homeopathic remedies are during the actual process of potentisation. At that stage – when the flowers are in the bowls – makers need to be careful not to cast a shadow on them and not to allow the flowers of another plant to come into contact with the water. But once the remedies have been made, keeping them cool and out of direct sunlight is all that is needed.

“There’s a lot of confusion between homeopathic remedies and the Bach system, but the two are very different. Homeopathic medicines can be re-potentized by further dilution – so the process of energizing them never really stops. Maybe that is why they are so delicate. “With Bach, the energizing process stops at the point that the mother tincture is finished. More dilution, succession, etc. has no impact. The energy is fixed, which is maybe why Bach Remedies are so much less fragile than homeopathic remedies, and why we can take them in tea, coffee, food, etc. in ways that would make a homeopath turn pale!”

Can the Bach Flower Remedies help me when I can’t sleep?

On occasions when you are stressed and your mind is over-active, take a dose or two of Rescue Remedy and White Chestnut in the evening before going to sleep.


Yes, the original Rescue Remedy can be used on animals, however, if you have a smaller animal, such as birds, rodents or reptiles you may want to use the alcohol-free pet version just to be on the safe side.


The Bach Flower Remedies can be stored at room temperature.


The alcohol used to preserve the Bach Flower Remedies and Rescue Remedy is made from grapes and therefore gluten-free.


All bottles are labeled with an expiration date, however, at the Bach Centre in England they still have some of Dr. Bach’s original remedies and they are supposed to work fine after more than 80 years.


You can take them as often as needed.


You can’t overdose with regular use, however, do consider the alcohol content if you plan on drinking several bottles. If you don’t feel any effect after taking the remedies after a few days, you may want to read about the remedy again to make sure you selected the correct remedy.


Yes, both Rescue Remedy comes in an alcohol-free version.


It should be fine to bring Bach Flower Remedies and Rescue Remedy on the plane. But check with your travel agent if you have doubts.

I want to get the alcohol free Rescue Kids, but I am an adult how much do I take?

The alcohol-free Rescue Remedy Kids can be taken the same way as Rescue Remedy, it is just an alcohol-free version.