Success Stories


Success Stories

May  2016

Walnut for our cat

I have two Bengals and was very concerned about our move to a new home (especially since the male - during trial runs to the new house - exhibited severe anxiety, but only when he visited WITH his sister. When she was in the house, he acted like she was a stray cat he'd never seen before and exhibited never-before-seen behavior: swatting, hissing, growling at her). For two week before the move, we put both of them on Rescue Remedy and the male only on Walnut... And while the first 1.5 days were intense (with him swatting and hissing and being aggressive with his sister), by day two, he was back to normal. What should be noted is that he was calm DURING the move -- something rare, as he is the kind of cat that jumps when a sock is on the floor. Even with the entire old house emptied, he took things in stride. And now, he seems HAPPY and has adjusted to his new space in only two days. I'm thrilled!

Melissa from AZ

December  2015

It seems to be working (Rescue Remedy Pets)

I've ordered this for my 10.5 years old yellow lab who has being through a lot the last 12 months. It is only the 2nd day we are taking this but I have already started seeing parts of him old self. He even let me touch his paws today which was a no touch area since he was a puppy.

Tasoulla from Cyprus

November  2015

Awesome product (Rescue Remedy Pets)

I love this product. It helps keep my dog grounded and less seizures and the one for humans helps me sleep better and be calmer when in dealing with people that are arrogant or just plain stupid.

Barbara from California

October  2015

New home for kitties

I recently adopted two cats from a home where their owner had passed away. She wasn't able to care for them over the past four years, and her home was also a mess. My boyfriend and I knew it would be a huge transition for the cats to move in with us, so we added Rescue Remedy to their water. I definitely think it calmed them down and alleviated some of the stress they were experiencing. A few weeks later, they are mostly settled in their new home and are super snuggly and affectionate!

Meg from NH

Truly remarkable

One of our dogs suffers from severe anxiety in inclement weather. We have tried everything, including prescribed anti-anxiety pills, that took hours to help ease her symptoms. Tried Rescue Remedy and within minutes she's completely calm. We couldn't be happier. Thanks!!!

Terry from California

September 2015

Rescue Remedy for our dog

Just amazed that this worked ! Our dog was terrified of thunder ....she would tremble, pace, pant and be very anxious . Not any more ! I give the drops daily , when I knew thunder was near I put a few drops into her mouth as well and she hardly reacted when the thunder came !

May Anne from Canada

August 2015

Worked like a charm

I was really impressive with how well the Crab Apple for pets worked. My cat was constantly licking and cleaning herself. I noticed a dramatic improvement after a few days of adding just a few drops to her dry food. The obsessive grooming really decreased - she still cleans herself, but now she's more balanced. Will definitely purchase again!

JN from Iowa

July  2015

Emotionally disturbed doggie

When Sophie lost her littermate immediately followed by a solid week of severe thunderstorms and on top of that two Great Horned Owls moved into the neighborhood, the damage to her psyche was done. My confident, happy, independent 9 year old mixed breed became a cowering, anxious bundle of raw nerves who refused to even go in the backyard alone. The Rescue Remedy has calmed her and allowed her to relax as she works to regain some emotional stability. Thank you for your product.

Shelbyville, IN

May 2015

My boxer had just started having seizures almost everyday. Now that he has been on Rescue Remedy he has been bounding around like a puppy. No seizures! He wasn't getting up in the morning and now he prances to the door. I am so grateful for this product and will be ordering products for myself also. Thank you, thank you!

D.B. - Canada

May 2015

I have been using Rescue Remedy to help treat a cat with feline interstitial cystitis (FIC). Besides a diet exclusively wet, and buying a water fountain to encourage our cat to drink more, we started using Rescue Remedy to try to reduce his stress which seems to trigger FIC. He has always been a nervous kitty. We saw an immediate change in his demeanor. He seems more relaxed, friendly, and we have not had a new episode in 4 weeks.


April 2015

Our dog is a retired Military Working Dog that served his country overseas. He traveled to the US for competitions and always had grueling flights to his destination. He doesn't like to travel anymore, because I think he relives the stresses of his career. We used rr for this last trip and he was relaxed and enjoyed the trip immensely. He was a completely different dog.

Military Family

January 2015

I had 2 older female cats and brought in 1 younger male stray (who I had been working with outside for one year to trust me. poor thing was always beaten up) ---- I had him neutered and thought that would calm him down. (He wants to play and the older gals were not having it!) Started using Bach Flower Remedy for animals on their treats and what do you know.... everyone is getting along -- They actually walk by each other with no hissing or growling. - which reminds me I need to buy more!


October 2015

After a serious accident, and after his medical needs were addressed, my dog avoided spending more than a minimum amount of time outside. After a mixture of Bach Flower Remedies for Dogs, Larch, Wild Rose, and Mimulus he's now enjoying the great outdoors again.

December 2014

The standard poodle for whom I ordered larch was recently attacked by a rottweiler. Although physical contact was avoided the rottweiler's behavior was vicious and would have potentially resulted in death if contact had been made. This happened about 15 minutes before entering an obedience ring for utility. Since then my dog has been very anxious about doing the distance work in this routine. Larch is helping her make a comeback. She has now returned to happy distance work on our home turf. I have not yet had the opportunity to test it at a trial.

Cathrine - NY

June 2014

I just wanted to write to tell you how much your product, Bach Rescue Remedy for Pets has helped my little 12 year old female cat. Recently, she had started to exhibit behavior issues that she hadn’t before. Stressful, fretting, very skittish, (more than usual), fear, and she would bolt at the slightest movement or sound in the room. She also started fearing rain and thunderstorms for the first time in her life. All of this “stress” resulted in her over grooming to the point of multiple bald spots all over her body. I had her checked for everything including allergies but my vet concluded it was the “beginning of kitty senility”. She prescribed an anti-anxiety medication that made me nervous to give to her. It didn’t help at all. I then began researching online for a natural alternative and found your product. I was happy to see that you made a pet version of your popular Rescue Remedy formula. After a few days of tweeking the dosage, I see a dramatic improvement in her behavior. I am very pleased with the results! She no longer bolts from the room and is back to basking in the sun instead of hiding under the bed all day. She had also stopped eating, sometimes for days at a time, she is now eating again. Thank you for a wonderful product! I couldn’t be more pleased with her results! I have my little girl back!!


Sue (Wisconsin)

May 2014

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to let you know how much your product has helped me over the last few years. Originally we brought the product to give to our rescue dog. She suffered from anxiety in the rain that sometimes kept the whole family up all night. After a suggestion from our vet, we used the Rescue spray before bed and found that she was calmer (and so were we).

I have also struggled from stress and have had panic attacks during driving lessons that put me off going behind the wheel. I tried the Liquid melts and would love to try more Bach products as they have made life a lot easier for myself and my family.

Thank you for a fantastic product

Sabrina C., South England

February 26, 2014


I have a Chesapeake Bay Retriever 3.5 yrs old and he has been experiencing Gran Mal Seizures for the last year. It started out as 1 every 2 months and has gotten worse to 2.5 weeks. His last episode was a nasty cluster of 6 back to back. I took him to a holistic vet for acupuncture and she gave me some Rescue Remedy. I have been giving him that for about 1 week and today he had a seizure, milder but still a seizure. This Rescue Remedy seemed to help pull him out of the seizure. I gave him several drops in his mouth while seizing. I really like the product and will continue to use.

Thanks Much!

September 2013

Dear Bettina, I just wanted to update you on our cat’s condition. Things are really improving. Amppy’s demeanor is much improved; she is more confident, less anxious, and definitely happier. After some trial and error, I am giving her two drops of Rescue Remedy and one drop of Mimulus with her morning meal and with her evening meal. It seems to be the perfect amount to keep her from being overly skittish, but not lethargic.

Finally, she is starting to use her litter box again (Thank God!) altho not perfect, but most of the time, which makes us feel like things are getting back to normal. She seems to be able to survive having the other cat in the house, as long as they are not in the same area. It is like a weight has been lifted from her shoulders (and from ours, too!)

I want to thank you for your help and support. Your company is just amazing. I will certainly recommend your products to my friends. Again, thanks!

March 2013

I have used Bach Original Flower Essences Rescue Remedy on my cat for years for traveling across country. A little on the tips of his ears and he’s good to go. This is the best “stuff” and I have recommended it to everyone I know.

Our cat is 13 years old, in great health and tolerates our 2700 mile trip just fine with your product.

Thank you

Carolyn L.

January 2013

About 5 months ago our 1 1/2yr old dog started exhibiting obsessive behaviour in the form of “fly snapping”.  We did a significant amount of research and concluded it was either anxiety driven or something causing complex partial seizures.  A number of blogs and commenter’s on various sites recommended putting drops of Bach’s Rescue Remedy in the food of dog’s suffering from different types of seizures.  At our wits end, we tried it and within a week the attacks pretty much stopped.  To test if it was actually what helped, we stopped giving him the drops for about a week and the attacks started back up.  So he’s back on the drops and his attacks/seizures, whatever you want to call them very rarely happen now.  Thank you so much!


July 2011

I could not believe how well Rescue Remedy worked for my Jack Russells during thunderstorms! I have three Jacks and they all have a lot of anxiety with the storms. They whimper, pant and bark until the storms are over. I rubbed Rescue Remedy on the inside of their ears then took some myself and waited out a violent thunderstorm. There was a bark or two but our evening was 100% better than our usual experience. I never believed something so simple and save could work so well. Thank you from all of us!

Leslie Howlett

May 2011

Hello, I am sorry I should have contacted you sooner, I did receive the shipment on Monday and it is unbelievable the difference in my cat, not sure if it was the product or the amount of time but at this point I am just thankful, I have been giving it to my stressed dog also but she hasn’t had any changes yet but I am hopeful.

Thanks again

September 2010

Dear Bettina,

Many many thanks, it’s a great product that helps my arthritis pain immensely. Now I can use it on my puppy dog when he’s stressed.

Thank you again.

Lynda J

March 2010

I purchased some Aspen for my cat who either has Post Tramatic Stress Disorder or a mental neurosis—I have been giving her “St Johns Wort” to calm her down (she was like Dr Jekhl and Mr Hyde for a while) and that has helped, but she is also terrified of our other cat (who was in the home when we rescued her) so I ordered the Aspen—we gave it to her and she actually let us pick her up(yippie) and bring her into the living room to try to intergrat her with our other cat. After giving her 2-3 drops of the Aspen in some canned cat food—she not only let us pick her up and bring her into the living room (we keep the cats separated by child gates) she did not growl at our other cat or shake like she has in the past when we have been able to wrangle her.

PS two vets we consulted wanted to put her on Prozac!

Yvonne G.

March 2010


Just to let you know that we received the “Rescue Remedy” yesterday. I tried it on our wonderful (yet annoying-in-his-old-age) cat yesterday and last night I got the first good night’s sleep, sans “Yooowwwllling”, in months!

I do have to say that the 4 drop indication on the labeling seems a bit too strong for a cat (perhaps that’s good for a dog?). I gave him 4 drops yesterday afternoon and he was still VERY subdued last night. He wasn’t “woozy” or anything when I got him up to eat and drink, but it WAS harder to awaken him for dinner, and he only wanted to go back to sleep afterwards. Tonight before bed, I think I will try him on only 1 drop, just to get US all through the night. Ahhh, glorious sleep!

Thank you so much for formulating this potion!

Your Friends in Northern California,

Carolyn & Pete

June 2009

I work in a large boarding kennel in W. North Carolina. Clients send their animals in with a all sorts of prescribed drugs to help combat ‘fear of storms’. One client sent a bottle of rescue Remedy in with her dogs. These dogs had gone through heavy gauged chain link fencing in the past like the links were butter. I never would have believed that something as gentle as Rescue Remedy would work the wonders it has on these dogs. First sign of an approaching storm and 4 drops of Rescue Remedy and the animals are calm. From panting terrified dogs to big babies in a few minutes. It is wonderful and we now keep a bottle on hand at all times. All clients that make us aware of their best friends fear of storms gets the Rescue Remedy speech. We all are believers and so are our clients. Thanks.

P A Putney

Waynesville NC

June 2009

Bettina, I just want to give you and Katherine a follow up on our dog Chester who just hated thunder storms. Katherine, if it weren’t for your article in the Post & Courier, I would not know what we would be doing with Chester right now. Bettina, your help and directions were right on the mark!

As Katherine knows, we have had horrendous thunderstorms these past 3 nights in Charleston, SC. I have given Chester his 2 drops when each of the storms started and he calmed down and went to sleep.

You both “guys” are just wonderful! I have recommended the Rescue Remendy to some of my friends who have spent the last 3 nights trying to calm their dogs down. I have also kept Chester’s vet updated on how much Rescue Remedy has helped him.

Again, thank you from the bottom of hearts, Nancy, Jim and Chester Gouse

June 2009

I just recently learned of your product and have given it to my dog for “new baby” in the family and to travel. It has helped greatly in both situations. I also took some myself one night when I was very nervous, for no apparent reason, other than hormonal. It took the edge off.



June 2009

Hi Bettina,

As of the last several days, there’s been a remarkable positive change in our dog’s behavior. She’s much calmer and much less aggressive with our other dog. She is not racing up and down the fence line barking at our neighbor. She waits quietly while her food is being prepared. She has almost completely stopped spinning with her tail in her mouth. She’s almost unrecognizable as the dog that we rescued almost two years ago.

It’s great. Thank you for your input.


May 2009

A customer came in today and brought his dog to be groomed and he is very hyper and does not like to be groomed. He bounces around and you can’t hold on to him. So my customer ordered some Rescue Remedy and gave it to the dog. It was like a totally different dog he was not druggie or limp like some things you get from the vet he would still up on his on.

Dora Bookman I own a dog grooming shop in Gun Barrel City, Texas.

March 2009

Last week my friend bought a huge beautiful green head of cabbage at the food co-op. It was gorgeous with these big savoy like leaves. She kept meaning to cook it earlier in the week but it wasn’t until last night that she took it out of the fridge and rinsed it in a sinkfull of water. When she went to take it out of the sink she found a tree frog floating in the water. Now my friend Gigi cannot stand to see anything die so she picked up the ‘dead’ frog and pondered. There was absolutely no movement and he really did look dead. Then she remembered a friend told her that she revived a frog with Bach Rescue Remedy. So what the heck. She rubbed some on its back, waited a few minutes. Rubbed another drop and then started tapping gently on it’s back. Lo’and behold he moved his little paw and grabbed onto her and then she could see him start breathing. He’s doing fine now! What a product testimonial, huh?!


February 2009

Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product. My cat has always been high strung. She is a shelter cat and I always wondered what her life was like before she was rescued. She has always had biting problems and everyone always thought she was just a mean cat. I knew better… I tried so many things to make her happier because I knew that if I could just ease her anxiety, she would return the favor with love and affection.

I tried Rescue Remedy for Pets and she was like a different cat after only a few days of use! A cat that, at one time, responded to being pet by biting and hadn’t purred in over a year(!), now enjoys being cuddled and sits in my lap and purrs at least twice a day!

My little girl, Bandit, thanks you from the bottom of her tiny heart for finally bringing her some peace!


Jessi Ohnstad

January 2009


I want to thank you for your help! My dog has already responded to the Rescue Remedy and Mimulus combo! He’s stopped his obsessive chewing and destruction after the first day!! I can tell you, I’m a believer in herbs now!

I thank you, and appreciate you taking your time to help me out!


January 2009

I have been under a lot of stress lately. Within a two week period I backed into my garage door and tore it from its frame, I drove 2000 miles roundtrip from Dallas to Milwaukee within five days through ice and snow storms, and my 8-year-old cat was critically ill when I got home. Through it all I took Rescue Remedy and Impatiens. I also gave Rescue Remedy to my cat. The cat went downhill so quickly that the vets and I had talked about euthanasia, but as that time approached, suddenly my cat perked up and showed signs of recovery. We were all happily surprised. And I was able to get through all of this without Xanax, my drug of choice in such stressful situations. And another plus: I noticed that I wasn’t turning to food to soothe myself like I usually do. In fact, since I have been taking the Bach remedies, my cravings for sweet and fattening food have disappeared. It’s amazing!

Elizabeth Taylor

July 2008


I have a borzoi who is terrified of thunderstorms and fireworks and this has been a trial for her and us who haven’t been able to soothe her. I tried the rescue remedy with no change in her behaviour or emotions. I was quite disappointed in this because people had told me how wonderful it was.

I went to Woofstock in Toronto in June of this year and spoke to someone there who was selling Bach’s essences. She told me I hadn’t been using the right essence and suggested I try the Mimulus one instead. I was unsure about this but decided to give it a try.

IT WORKED!!!!! We have had a number of storms here and also fireworks occasions. I gave our borzoi the drops for a storm and she was more settled – this could be the drops or just that the storm wasn’t too bad. I needed further proof. More storms and fireworks later, the dog is managing well with the drops. We had a thunderstorm last night and after getting two doses of the drops, she was able to eat her dinner during the storm. This has never happened before.

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with this product and the results I’m seeing in my dog. She is no longer a thunder freak, but a much calmer, able to cope dog.


LK, Canada

Winter 2008

I have two two year old dogs. They were getting along really well until they reached the age of two.

My boxer decided she wanted to become the dominate of the two so started to go after my lab/beagle.

Everytime Colby (my leagle, as we call her) would see Maggie, the boxer, she would cower. That

caused Maggie to pick on her even more. I sarted them both on Bach flower essences and the effect was amazing!

They haven’t fought since. They are both on Rescue Remedy® and Colby is on Chestnut. At one point we

weren’t sure if it was even safe to leave them alone together but now we come home and they are asleep

on the same doggy bed…even tho’ we have two. This has been a blessing for us and a life saver for Colby.

She is once again a relaxed happy little girl.


I walked underneath the tree and looked towards my chook pen. Usually my chooks would come running to me, but there was a gathering of feathers at one end.

The sheepdog stood proudly at the other end, but as soon as he spotted me he cowared underneath a shed, knowing that he was in big trouble for killing chooks.

I ran towards the dead torn chooks, hoping there was a survivor among the mess.

Two chooks were still alive but barely-they needed intense care.

I ran home and got out my animal bach Rescue Remedy®, and hurried back to treat the injured chooks.

Three days after their attack, and plenty of Rescue Remedy®, they began to walk again. They improved over about two weeks, and started laying again after six. Quite extraordinary after they had nearly being ripped to shreds! It shows that Rescue Remedy® isn’t only for humans, and to this day, those chooks are still happy as ever! Without Rescue Remedy® I would’ve lost two of my best layers. It is a very special formula that works wonders for both humans and animals. Ingrid N.


I have two two year old dogs. They were getting along really well until they reached the age of two.

My boxer decided she wanted to become the dominate of the two so started to go after my lab/beagle.

Everytime Colby (my leagle, as we call her) would see Maggie, the boxer, she would cower. That caused Maggie to pick on her even more. I started them both on Bach flower essences and the effect was amazing!

They haven’t fought since. They are both on Rescue Remedy® and Colby is on Chestnut. At one point we weren’t sure if it was even safe to leave them alone together but now we come home and they are asleep on the same doggy bed…even tho’ we have two.

This has been a blessing for us and a life saver for Colby. She is once again a relaxed happy little girl.


Good morning!

Our cat behaviorist recommended using Rescue Remedy® to ease our cat’s anxiety and reduce aggression. We’ve been using your product for nearly a month and the results are nothing short of miraculous! We have 2 kitties, both male, one is 14, the other is 8. Needless to say the 8-year-old was always patrolling the other cat and making life miserable for all of us.

The oldest kitty was not eating/drinking enough and was always seeking safe refuge. We even began separating them when ever we weren’t around to supervise .. so at night, anytime we were outside working in the yard or out shopping, one of them would get sequestered downstairs. This made us all sad :-(Now? Well, we still separate them when we leave the house but that’s it. There’s very little patrolling and when there is we up the dose on the 8-year-old. But no more out of control fighting, crying or fur-flying chases … thank you! The product is easy to administer, only takes a couple of minutes twice a day and we’re done. What a great product!! Thank you for your consideration and for producing a wonderful, safe product which really works!

All the best, Scooter

My Dog Slept Through the Night

03/19/07I have a dog that has epilepsy. He has most of his seizures at night. I give him the Rescue Remedy® after he has a seizure and it calms him down. He also does not sleep well thru the night. He usually wakes up at 2:30-3:00 every night. I gave him some Rescue Remedy® last night before bed time and he slept thru the night for the first time in about a year.

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